Blockchain Italian Trusted Food

Our Values

Discover the value of blockchain-Token NFT trustless food

Origin Trusted

The food is 100% italian produced and you will taste as you was on a trip to Tuscany :)

All payment accepted

You pay with credit cards or cryptos and get your "bit Food" (blockchain italian trusted food)

You own the NFT token

Your order will include the NFT token blockchain certificate of your BIT product

Your order will be safe and fast

Our standards will provide all the best italian tradition and taste at your home

Our Products

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  • 15$

    Wildfower Summer Honey

    Brisighella, Ravenna (Emilia Romagna)

    Eco // Small Farmer
  • 25$

    Sangiovese still Red Wine

    Faenza,Ravenna (Emilia Romagna)

    Eco // Small Farmer
  • 30$

    Brisighello Olive Oil

    Brisighella, Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna)

    Eco // Small Farmer

How we work

Product Research

We meet local producers to find high-quality italian food

High-quality standard

We check if the high quality standard "origin-ecology-fair trade" are respected

A NFT token for each product

Any product we sell on our trading platform has is own NFT token

You will own also the blockchain certificate

The NFT certificate of the product will be sent together with your BIT (blockchain italian trusted) Food


I nostri produttori

Az. Agr. "Neri"

Wine Emilia-Romagna

Az. Agricola "Bianchi"

Honey Emilia-Romagna

Az. Agr. "Verdi"

Olive Oil Emilia-Romagna

Az. Agr. "Rossi"

Orange Marmalade Sicily


Chi Siamo

We Put People First.

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